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I love teaching people to code, and I am currently doing so as a Senior Developer Advocate at AWS. I have been employed in the tech industry since 2014, holding multiple software engineering positions at startups, and a Distinguished Faculty and Faculty Lead role at General Assembly's Software Engineering Immersive.I blog a lot about code and my life as a developer and also have a podcast with two other incredible women: Ladybug Podcast. We talk about the tech industry, our backgrounds, and go in depth on code-topics.When I'm not coding you can find me watching my favorite New England sports teams, taking runs with my dog Blair, or rock climbing.
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Dec 15, 2021

Authentication tells your application who a user is. Authorization decides what they can do. And it's important that both are working as expected. In this course you'll:

  • Create and configure Amplify models
  • Implement Authentication in Next.js
  • Implement Authorization rules for your data models
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Sep 02, 2021
New tutorial all about GraphQL!
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Aug 18, 2021

Build a Serverless Subscription Site with Stripe!
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